Friday, March 2, 2012

Startups Stuff... Word Press for Startups (How To), A Treasure List of Startup Links, Romney and VC Evil?

What I read today was first a great treasure list of startup links by Ty Danco. 

Also, since my wife is working on a startup business, here is a great link for startups on how to use Word Press to get your business rolling. 

In case you are not interested, however, I am posting a great article on venture capital jobs.  Since Mitt Romney is taking such a beating in the liberal wing of media-politics, the question is, should he be demonized for his time at Bain Capital? I would love to hear from you and have opened up the comments to make it easy to leave one!

Also, I am adding links in my blogroll to other great resources I find, so keep coming back for updates, and if you are a blog about innovation, entrepreneurship, or startups, send me an email.

The Big List: The Best and Worst Startup Stuff in 2011 (

Word Press For Startups (47 Hats)

Venture Capital: MBA's Dream Job? (Startup Economy)

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