Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seth Godin on Bread and Innovation

In my day job, I am CFO of a parent company to a commercial bakery called Monks' Bread.  It is made by real monks.  Lots of people talk about Monks' Bread because it is a remarkable product.  It is not made by some global conglomerate, but by a community of Roman Catholic monks of the Trappist order at The Abbey of the Genesee.  I think a lot about innovation in the grocery store where our bread is sold, and the qualities we need in our team to be innovative.  Pulling all of these together is what this week's "Monday Startup" is about. 

Enjoy Seth's talk, and learn about innovative marketing!

  • 40 Reasons Why We Struggle With Innovation (Innovation Excellence) 
  • Seth Godin's Famous TED Talk on Sliced Bread--I put it up again five years later because I think his message got lost in the Great Recession, and because I am CFO for a sliced bread company--Monks' Bread.
  • Redefining The Local Grocer (BusinessWeek)
  • 20 Qualities of Innovators (The Heart of Innovation)

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