1. Privacy Policy:
We are obsessive about our privacy, and we assume you are also. I never share or resell our readers names or email addresses, EVER.

Please do not sign us up for any subscriptions I did not request. Unsolicited subscriptions, and foolish unrelated PR emails will never get past our Boxbe filters, so do not even bother.

2. Content:
I try my best to give you a unique combination of original content, as well as referencing the best of what I find elsewhere.  I have been called a walking encyclopedia by an Episcopal Bishop--I took that as a compliment!  I have been known for years as a "book pusher" having a title on my tongue for anyone who asks "What's a good book to read about _________?"

My coverage of specific topics is governed by a) my own interest in the subject matter, and b) whatever expertise in I might posses on a given subject. I am an information gatherer, content generator, lifelong- learner, and voracious researcher.  You do not want to be around when I am doing equity analysis!

3. Edits:
Once a post is published, there are no further edits or changes. I give myself an hour after posting to clean up grammar, spelling, etc.  Since my CFO side tends to kick in every now and then, periodically I find something that HAS to be changed I will move it to the end of the post with an EDIT notice saying this is what was there before I had to tinker with it.

4. Posting Comments:
A lot of thought — and work — goes into this blog.  If you want to comment, I suggest you partner with us by using the same process of thinking and working on something before you post it.  This is not a beat the crap out of each other type of forum.  We ask for civility and a higher standard of media than that. 

I respect what others think and read everything that goes up on this blog.  I read all email and respond as able.  We will not publish your email address.

All “Off Topic” posts and hijacks get deleted.

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