Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday 3/5 Startup Cleveland Clinic Innovation

It's Monday.  Time to start up our thinking for another week ahead!

Last Friday, I spent the day at The Cleveland Clinic with a family friend whose wife was having vascular surgery. What an experience OF WELLNESS!  This is the hospital you want to be treated at.  

The excellence oozes everywhere.  Logic Junction's Wayfinder Touch Screen Avatar Kiosk was very helpful placed right on 2P at the entrance from the parking ramp.  Everyone who works there has clearly been trained to take care of people not only medically, but as ambassadors.  I had a nurse and a lab tech ask me if I needed directions when wandering around looking for which way to go to my destination.  We ate very healthy food in the building P lobby.  I wandered into an area where there was literature about their emphasis on 2012 medical innovations--I share them below. 

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