Sunday, December 18, 2011

China Thieves: Time for Justice

Quick Saturday thought before heading out the door...

Thought leadership = global leadership. The Chinese, in all their supposed superiority, have yet to learn this lesson. (Bloomberg--China Based Hacking Cyber Cold War).

Last week, I blogged about Steve Jobs' wisdom, "You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."

Stolen American intellectual property, not Chinese ideas, are meeting their demand for what is new. This strategy will work in the short term, but not forever. 

America needs to give the Chinese justice right now, and make them pay for their thieving ways using every means of economic, political, technological, and monetary force we can to make China pay back what they have stolen. Bottom line: The Chinese lack character, morals, and integrity. This is why they will never be America. How can we make China pay for what they steal?

First, we need to innovate new cyber security systems for government and business, and effectively lock out the Chinese hackers.  

Then, we can fight them with monetary policy, trade policy, and other political means.

Most powerful of all, we can use market forces. Is it more important to get cheap goods or stand up to the bully who steals your lunch every day?

U.S. companies can also gradually focus on developing nations. American innovation and investment in the next emerging markets can put competitive pressures on the Chinese. When China no longer has ideas to steal, they will have to stand on their own innovation capabilities.   Their students may have studied in America, but they cannot copy the fabric of what it means to be American. Chinese culture is not America. What makes America great is who we are. The fruit of who we are produces our innovation, economy, government, military, and free society.

  It is time for America to get a backbone and tell China we could care less how much debt of ours you hold. American political, financial, and technological innovation can lock the Chinese out of our market of ideas.

China can only copy and steal from America.  China is goof at building things, but terrible in creativity.  We are the nation where people like Steve Jobs are free to become inventors and innovators without restraint. Right now, the Chinese want what we have so they are stealing it. Those days are numbered. Eventually, China will want new things, and will not be able to steal them for America. Then what? They obviously cannot produce world changing ideas.

When China's thieving ways produce global justice and they are punished by government policy, market forces, and American genius to prevent the thieves from breaking in, America will still be innovating, entrepreneurs will be creating new ventures, and China will have to stand in line to get the American life--again.

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