Sunday, January 15, 2023

New Episode 24! Kevin's Weekly Thought Digest 15 January 2023

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Summary:  Kevin Baker's Weekly Digest 15 January 2023. 
Today Kevin shares a digest of what he is thinking and writing about, researching, blogging, reading, and posting on his social media sites.  

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In this episode you will hear about Kevin's thinking on:

  1. Health and longevity, iron overload, metabolic syndrome, functional medicine.
  2. When doctors do not listen to you.
  3. Investing in assets as the key to wealth.  This is a summary of a previous podcast for thoswe who missed it.
  4. Kevin Baker Digital live broadcasts he does while traveling around Australia.

Mentioned in this episode:
Taking Charge of Your Metabolic Health.

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The Peak of Potential Podcast is a personal development media publication of Kevin Baker Consulting, an Australian media and consulting group with offices in Sydney.  It focuses on helping listeners to be and do their best to reach their peak performance in various areas of their lives including career, business, relationships, wealth, and personal growth. The podcast provides listeners with strategies, tips, and inspiration to achieve success and live a more fulfilling life.  The host shares pesonal stories and interviews with experts in the field of personal development.

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