Monday, October 3, 2022

Monday Reading and Thinking

What I have been reading and thinking about today...

How Many More Times Will You See Your Parents Before They Die?  #Idea  Americans place a very high value on family.  When travel the world like me, you realise other countries do not value family in the same way.  Everywhere, though, we think our parents will always be there.  Then one day, they are gone.  My father passed away from cancer at just 51 years young.  As I kissed his forehead in Buffalo General Hospital that cold February afternoon, shockwaves of grief began to pour over me. I had never kissed my Dad as an adult.  I cried for three days.  Twelve years later, on the anniversary of his death, I was telling a Catholic monk at a monastery "today is the anniversary of my father dying."  The grief and sadness hit me again.  I told him I regretted not seeing him more before he died.  I was so busy at 31 raising my own four children. 

Recently, I was playing kiss monster with my three middle age children. Yes, I had children again later in life.   I chase then around the house making monster noises, then catch them and instead of eating them, I kiss them ten times.  I turned to my wife and said I could not recall my father ever kissing me or telling me he loved me.  I am sure he did when I was a baby, but after four, I cannot recall one instance of love or affection.  As I said that, I felt that old wave of regret that I did not take more time to be with my dad when he was well, and especially when he was sick. This article is about the few days we actually spend with our parents as adults (Big Think).  < Click

Wy We Must Fight Back Against The Forces of Woke.   #society   At work, I park in the Council car park at the oval (stadium) where the Manly Sea Eagles play footy (rugby). When seven players did not want to be forced to endorse a particular ideology, the were excluded from playing. What happens when "diversity" means uniformity, and "inclusive" means exclusion.  How can a multicultural society like Australia have uniformity on the big issues of life and justice?  (John Anderson). < Click

The Chatter Toolbox. #Productivity   Chatter is a common problem that many people experience: We try to think through our problems logically but our minds run amok instead. We focus our attention inward, hoping to tap into our inner coach, but find our inner critic.  (Ethan Kross, The Chatter Toolbox). < Click

Be sure to check out Kevin's podcast, "The Peak of Potential."  Kevin Baker is an Australian-American business executive in Sydney.  His side gigs are media publishing as an author and producer of an internet TV show, and consulting as a futurist and strategist.   He specialises in family business, and advises executives on business growth and reinvention strategies. 

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