Friday, August 10, 2012

Innovation Disrupts Regression to the Mean

In most of life, with the exception of tax cuts, people hate change.  Regression to the mean is not only a statistical concept, it is a behavioral reality and a threat to innovation. 

As a manager, change management is such a challenge because people hate risk.  Organizations and people in them say they want to make more profits or more money, yet are not willing to make the changes, and take the risks necessary to disrupt the status quo
, make something new, and reap the profits for stepping out of the status quo.

Here are some innovative ideas taking place because someone has resisted the forces of regression to the mean to become an outlier, disrupt the status quo, and reap the rewards of having great ideas.

  • Diabetes May Be Reversed by Long-Used Vaccine for TB (Bloomberg) 
  • Innovation The Optimistic Science (Innovate on Purpose)
  • Improved Immigration Laws Would Help Foreign Student Entrepreneurs Launch U.S. Companies, Create U.S. Jobs (Kauffman)


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